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Managed WordPress / Drupal Websites

Fully managed WordPress/Drupal site with editor/owner level access. Just be creative. Let us worry about the technical stuff.

GDPR Compliant

We advise and help all sites hosted by us to be GDPR compliant. Ensures legally correct customer contact data collection.

Daily Backup

Our servers automatically back-up your sites to ensure least down-time when disaster strikes.

Softeem CDN

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures shortest page load time for best customer contact experience.

Ticket Support

All your support requests are handled through our Trouble Ticketing system.

SEO Tools

All our sites come with SEO tools. They help you create website content for best customer contact experience.

Home Website Hosting


Professional Email With Your Domain Name gives better impression than

Automatic Response

Provide auto responses to your customers when they send you an email.

Best SPAM Filters

Our algorithm based SPAM filters ensure unnecessary emails won’t reach your inbox.

Domain Reputation

Your domain is constantly monitored to ensure domain reputation.

Email Packages

eMail packages to meet your needs.

IMAP & POP Access

You can access your email wherever you are.

Virtual Phone

Local Calling Number

A new phone number for your business.

Toll Free Numbers

Your customers will have freedom to call you from anywhere without worrying about paying for the call bill.

Time Of The Day Routing

Route your calls to different numbers based on time of the day.


Make your Business look professional by adding an auto-attendant’s greeting and Call routing features.

Call Queue

A call queue with Music On Hold will help you answer calls with limited answering resources.

Ring Groups

Ring group will help incoming calls to be answered by anyone in the group .

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