Does Your Website Take Too Long To Load? Is It Available 100% Of The Time?

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Is your site available 7/24 to serve your customers?

Reliability is critical for your website. It has to be available when someone looks for your product/services online. Our website hosting relies on

  • SSD Raid 10 Drives – Much faster than traditional SATA hard drives
  • LiteSpeed Web Server – 9 times faster than Apache web server (what most web hosts use)
  • Regular Backup

Is your website scaling with your business growth?

As your business grows, your website has to go grow with it to meet increasing traffic. We have website hosting plans to keep increasing resources when needed.

  • Website hosting on isolated environment using LiteSpeed webserver
  • Someone’s bad action on shared environment will not affect your website.
  • We can scale-up the resources for web-hosting as demand on your website increases.
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Does your site load very slowly?

When your site loads slowly you will not only provide a poor user experience, but your website gets ranked lower in the search engine results. We ensure fast loading by

  • Caching your web-pages across the globe
  • Delivering images via Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Optimized use of plug-ins

Can your customers find you when they search for your product/service?

Search Engine Recognition (SER) is critical for online visibility in highly competitive markets. We have tools and resources to make your web content visible and desirable to search engines.

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Softeem gdpr

Did you know your website has to be GDPR compliant?

Softeem can help to make your website GDPR compliant.

Google penalizes insecure http:// access

Accessing you website http:// instead of https:// will result in

  • loss of credibility and
  • poor Google ranking

All websites hosted by us come with free SSL certificate and installation.

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