Still Using Home or Cell Number For Your Business?

Get A Virtual Phone Number

Softeem Virtual Phone

Programmable Virtual Phone Number is a cheap alternative to expensive business phone

A programmable Virtual Phone Number is a new identity at a fraction of cost of regular business phone.  You can use these numbers for WhatsApp and SMS.

Besides being a new identity, a Virtual Phone Number will help your business look very professional to your customers with additional services like:

  • Calling Queue
  • Auto-attendant (using Interactive Voice Response)
  • Ring groups
  • Time of the day routing and many more

Do you want calls to be diverted to different numbers based on time of the day?

Time of the day (TOD) routing will help your reduce cost of answering your calls. At the same time you can provide telephone support to your customers seamlessly. For example:

  • 9 AM to 5 PM calls routed to your office landline
  • 5 PM to 9 PM calls routed to your cell phone or home landline
  • 9 PM to 9 AM calls routed to a Voice mail or a virtual assistant sitting in Philippines or India
7 24 Service

Do you want an auto attendant to route calls to different phone numbers based on customer’s selection?

An auto- attendant is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) program. An IVR program can do the following:

  • Initial greeting
  • Call routing based on customer’s selection
  • Time of the day announcements
  • Special marketing promotions messages

Do you want to offer Toll-free number to your customers?

If you have customers in different geographic locations provide  a Toll-Free Number. They can call you without worrying  about long distance charges.  A toll-free number will enhance your brand image in market place.

These toll free numbers are fully programmable and can have:

  • Calling Queue
  • Auto-attendant (using Interactive Voice Response)
  • Ring groups
  • Time of the day routing and many more
Softeem Toll Free
Softeem Music On Hold

Do you want your customer to be listening to music / messages while waiting in a call queue?

Call Queuing and Music On Hold (MOH) help you retain your customers by reducing their frustration. MOH need not be music only, it can be any type of voice recording such as

  • Important announcements
  • Sales Promotions
  • Company location details
  • Company opening hours and many more

Do you want to show local presence in different geographic locations with local numbers?

If you have customers located in different geographic areas you can provide them local calling numbers. They help enhance brand image of your business. They will also help your customers reach you by just dialing their local numbers without incurring long distance charges.

Softeem Local Presence
Softeem Business Phone

I have a business phone already. Can I still use virtual phone number?

Certainly. You can save money by cancelling existing business phone. We will port the number to our network using Local Number Portability service.