Is your business playing the social media game well?

Social media content management

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Your business pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Creating a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn Page allows people on these platforms to discover your business . Think of your business page on social media as a digital storefront.

  • Connect with customers
  • Advertise with your Page
  • Business Information including business opening hours

Create social media groups to grow your target customer base

Social media groups help businesses to develop and nurture an audience for spreading information about their products and services. These groups also act as medium to benefit and offer value to their audiences. Key types of groups are:

  • Marketing/Sales information groups
  • Support groups
  • Industry groups
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Post online and tweet important announcements about your business

Posting and tweeting regularly, helps your business keep customers and regular audience aware of your products and services. Also, you can inform them about general industry related information and announcements.

Use YouTube channel as a support tool

YouTube is one of the best Social Media platforms to distribute video content online. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, with YouTube businesses can have:

  • Own channel 
  •  Playlists
  • Community and
  • About page
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