User experience

Once business requirement is documented, we will work with you to understand the design requirements. Here it is very critical define how would your target customers will be accessing the web application. If they are going to be using desktop and mobile devices it is advisable to go in for an adaptive/responsive design. With this approach the website presentation changes based on the screen size to consistent visual experience

Product Catalog

At this stage we will work with you to list all your products, their attributes and classifications. Also we will understand how you would like to display your products online including groupings that will help you to up sell and cross sell.


Here we will understand sales tax and payment policies. Your fullfilment process will also be carefully defined to arrive at appropriate packaging and shipping pricing.


This step will help to decide who will be your payment gateway service provider if online payment is going to be accepted, how customer credit card details are stored and what type of SSL certificate will be used to secure the transactions.


To display your products online photography is one of the key tools. We have this covered through our associate business Prodclick.