Content Is New Gold – Are You Showcasing It Online?

Managed WordPress and Drupal Sites

Softeem Content Storage

Content Storage

One location to store all content in one place:

  • Product Details
  • Brochures in PDF format
  • Image galleries to display your product
  • Certification details
  • Location details

Content Availability

Make content available online when your customers need them

  • Without delay 
  • With no expired or dead links
  • With expiry date
Softeem Content Availability
Softeem Doc Managt

Document Management

Store all your documents online with 

  • Appropriate access control
  • Version Controlling
  • PDF downloads
  • With sufficient online storage for each user

Images and Video Distribution

One place to store and distribute images and videos

  • Online viewing
  • Downloading for offline viewing
Softeem Video Images
Softeem Home Banner

Help Customer

When a customer visits your site, help them find what they are looking for with real-time live chat. Our chat tool helps you see:

  • What page your customer is on
  • Where they started
  • How long they have been on your site

Chat can either be initiated by your customer or by your employees.